What to Do If the World Crashes Around You and You Are Not Prepared

Notepad with disaster plan on a wooden table.

How to Find the Essentials

In any sort of end-of-world crisis, the most important initial factor is finding solutions to the following questions:

(1) Where am I getting food?

(2) Where am I getting water?

(3) Where is a safe place to live/sleep?

Determine What You Might Be Able to Barter

When the world comes to an end, so will the production of luxury goods like chocolate, alcohol, diapers, cigarettes, coffee, tampons and condoms. Other essential items like gas, guns, ammo, medications and knives will also be in high demand. If you have any of these sought-after items, you should keep them safe. You can use these items to your advantage to trade for water, food or even a place to stay. Learn about bartering basics.

Turn To Your Neighbors, Family & Friends

Depending on the situation, you may or may not be able to reach your family and friends. It is possible that the highways and airports will be shut down, eliminating your ability to travel. If this is the case, seek out the partnership of your neighbors, perhaps even the entire block or neighborhood.

You can use your valuable items to barter for the essentials with your neighbors. These are people you trust (assuming you have good neighbors). In a true end-of-world situation, it will be important to have people in your group with whom you can trust the welfare of your children.  Be wise and do not underestimate the importance of a relationship, even if he or she has no tangible materials to offer you.

Government Failure

In the event that the government fails, the military would step in and organize a reconstruction. It’s impossible to tell what the end of a government might look like. Will people be angry? Will the military be violent? Will there be enough food and water? Will people flee to and from the borders?

We can’t answer these questions, but we can shed light on some events that may or may not follow a government collapse:

  • Abolishment of private property
  • Shortage of life-sustaining resources and medication
  • Food rationing
  • Devaluation of money
  • Technology failure (Internet, cable, telecommunications, power)
  • Increased death rate (due to lack of medication, proper medical care)
  • Increased army presence
  • New appreciation for simplistic living

Again, it is important to make clear that these events are all speculation. It is impossible to know what may or may not happen if and/or when the government fails. To properly prepare for government failure or an end-of- world scenario you might consider:

Whether you are prepared like our forefathers, to hunt, fish, make fire and the like, or not,  and find yourself  categorized as  a modern day untrained dandy with no survival skills at all,, these extreme situations will force you into survival mode, as well as everyone else. One of the most important elements in successfully surviving end-time events is fellowship. It is human nature to band together, so feel at peace knowing that, in the event of government failure or an end-of-life situation, you are not alone. There is help and survival success in community.

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