Five Top Weather Apps: Which Weather App is Right for You?


All About Weather Apps

With record-breaking storms and unusual weather patterns becoming the norm these days, the weather has taken on added significance to our daily routine. An easy way to find out the latest on the weather in your area is to use a weather app. There are numerous apps to choose from depending on your preferences and needs. The leading app store lists 62 results for a search of “weather apps.” Below are five that are worth considering:

1.  The Weather Channel: Boasting a team of 200 meteorologists, this free app tells you if the weather conditions will be changing within six hours. In addition, hourly forecasts, 36-hour forecasts and 10-day forecasts are available. With localized maps and automatic weather bulletins, this app provides a precise idea of what to expect from the weather in your area. Professional reviewers and average users give this app high marks. According to the listing on Google Play, more than 350,000 people rated the app, giving it 4.1 stars out of 5, and many described it as “accurate” and “reliable.”

2.  Weather Bug may be the app for you if you want to know everything there is about the weather, including lightning strike information and pollen count. The app displays current local weather, temperature, dew point, humidity, time of sunrise and sunset, wind, pressure and any active weather alerts for the area. Live weather webcams are also available. It offers particular forecasts for golf, outdoor nature, aches and pains, beauty, game day, pollen, family and fitness. Many praise the GPS capabilities of the app, which allow the user to share weather news. It is free with advertisements, and $2.99 for the ad-free version.

3.  Yahoo! Weather: While not as comprehensive as some of the other apps, Yahoo! Weather offers an appealing visual format. It displays the weather at your exact location, including current temperature, highs and lows for the day, five-day forecast and percentages for wind and rain chance. The app’s background, featuring rotating local photos from Flickr, is a favorite feature. It is free on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

4.  New Holland Farming Agriculture: A top choice for farmers, this weather app provides professional forecasts dedicated to agriculture including information on evapotranspiration, degree days and an almanac. It provides news updates on farming and professional agriculture. The app gets a 4.3 rating on Google Play with 340 reviews. It is available on iTunes.

5.  Three: If you are not sure what to wear, there is an app for that. Three is a minimal weather app that suggests weather-appropriate apparel. It gives you a list of three items of clothing suitable for the current weather. For example, if it is 60 degrees and sunny, it may suggest a sweater, light scarf and sneakers. If a blizzard is on the way, it may suggest a parka, snow pants and boots. This app is available from iTunes for $1.99.

Dozens of weather apps are available, and they are updated every day. Spend some time checking them out to find the one that best suits your needs.

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