Travel Tips for Added Value and Safety

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Safety – Your Number One Accessory When Traveling

If you’re a frequent traveler you know not every place is like home. Crime rates, social expectations, health concerns and cultural norms vary throughout the world. For these reasons, safety is a crucial concern when travelling. No memory is worth a trip to the hospital or jail. When traveling it is important to:

  • Beware of your money. Keep money in different places in your bag and some on your body. Beware of criminals trying to get in your bag since pickpocketing is a problem in almost every country, especially high tourist areas.
  • Create a list of important local numbers and addresses. For example, know where the hospital is, what to do if you lose your bag, and the location of the United State Embassy if you are traveling out of the country.
  • Look for signs of danger. If you are getting the vibe that you shouldn’t be there, then leave. No memory is worth an accident.
  • Explore with a buddy. There’s safety in numbers; avoid venturing to unfamiliar places alone.
  • Maintain copies of important materials like passports, bank accounts numbers, phone numbers, hotel/travel confirmations and driver’s licenses.
  • Register your trip with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, provided by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • Secure recommended travel vaccines and make the necessary appointments to obtain medication ahead of time. If you are traveling to a remote place consider asking your doctor to write you a prescription for a general antibiotic.
  • Purchase travel medical insurance. You can buy travel and medical insurance from Med Flight, which is one of many sources.

Travel Gadgets

The gadgets below can help prevent accidents that can transform a vacation from awesome to destructive.

  • An adventure goer? An indestructible travel case can protect your important electronics and if you won’t be able to charge them via an outlet, a wind-up cell phone charger is a must. There won’t be a store at the top of the mountain you just climbed so snag a SteriPEN to make the lake water safe for drinking.
  • Taking a shopping vacation? You’ll need a lot of cash, but you will want to keep it in a place where thieves won’t look, like the bottom of your shoes or in your laptop.
  • Enjoying a peaceful trip with great views? Avoid climbing to dangerous heights for the perfect photo with a Gorillapod. After you’ve secured the shot, enjoy a glass of wine in your indestructible wine glass.

Get the Most Value from Your Vacation

According to a report by Google Consumer Surveys, 42 percent of Americans reported not taking a single vacation day in 2014, 63% did not travel at all that year and only 13 percent travelled abroad for the holidays. Many people don’t take vacations because of the cost associated with travel.

When planning your next vacation, consider the following points to help reduce the expense:

  • Book early – Book your flight at least seven weeks in advance for the best value.
  • Shop around – Check the prices of flying into nearby airports; sometimes the prices are dramatically different if you fly into an airport in a neighboring town.
  • Cook yourself – Book accommodations that have a kitchen so you can cook your own meals instead of eating out for every meal.
  • Limit souvenirs – Refrain from purchasing souvenirs (they are almost always junk anyway). Take pictures instead to remember every detail.
  • Be flexible – Find flights with no destination in mind. Skyscanner allows you to search for flights to “everywhere.” Order the price list from low too high to see the cheapest travel destinations.

Following these basic rules will help you to have fun when you travel and make it a safe trip. Bon Voyage!

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