Marriage for Different Ages: The Role Love, Lust and Money Play

How Age Affects Marriage

Age Affects Marriage Expectations

At its very core, marriage is about companionship. You choose to marry another so that you can spend your time together, build a life together and generally enjoy each other’s company.

No two marriages are alike. The benefits of a marriage vary greatly from couple to couple and also depend on your age. Young newlyweds expect more from their marriage then older newlyweds. A bride at 30 years old will have relationship goals that differ from a bride who is 50 years old.

Marriage Considerations for All Ages

The following are factors to consider when getting married at any age, although some apply to older brides and grooms more than younger brides and grooms and vice versa:

  • Children. Will children be a factor in this marriage? Are you and your spouse on the same page regarding the size of your family? Are there existing children from a previous marriage? What, if any, issues will those children bring to the family dynamic?
  • Prenup. If this is your first marriage, do you need a prenup? If this is not your first marriage, are you obligated by a previous prenup? If so, does your future spouse know of this legal obligation?
  • Emotional status. In many second marriages, one or both spouses may have experienced the death of his or her first spouse. Do you understand how this person has coped with the loss of a former husband or wife?
  • Living arrangements. Young newlyweds usually move in together after marriage if they are not already living together. Older couples may choose to benefit from living in the same house together but not to legally marry. Have you considered, together, how either of these options may impact your life for better or worse?
  • Sex. Will this be a sexless marriage? Do both partners have the capability and desire to be sexually active?
  • Pets. Many people love a dog, cat or bird as much as a human family member. Is your spouse comfortable with your pet? Is there any medical reason that might suggest your pet is bad for you or your future spouse’s health?
  • Goals. If you are entering marriage later in life, what are your goals? Are you near retirement? Do you want to travel? Be sure your soon-to-be spouse is onboard with your future plans.
  • Money. Do you have significant debt? Does your spouse have significant debt? What are you saving money for? Is your retirement savings plan in good shape? It would be unwise to underestimate the power money has on the success of a relationship, either young or old.

Marriage is a wonderful promise, full of joy, regardless of your age. When you find the right partner, be sure to work out the details to ensure your life with them is everything you expected.

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