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iTunes On-Line Learning Program

iTunes has become an extremely popular way to listen, discover and buy music. The iTunes virtual store comes standard on all Apple products, and versions of iTunes are available for Windows computers. All Apple devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones use iTunes as their default music player.

The program allows shoppers to buy music directly (usually .99 to $1.99 a song) and provides information on individual songs, albums and playlists. As an iTunes customer, you can sort by popular songs, genre, length of song and relevance. If you come to iTunes with hopes of finding that song you just heard on the radio, they make it easy to find.

You can also share music among your various devices and download new music, movies, books and apps. You need to understand how iTunes works if you want to make the most of this powerful program.

iTunes Learning Program

There are a number of ways to learn how to use iTunes successfully. One of the best options is to attend classes at your local Apple store. Apple offers free hour-long workshops to help you learn how to use their products and software.

Apple offers a full one-hour course devoted to using iTunes that will teach you how to:

  • Browse and download music, movies, TV shows and books
  • Find and download apps in the App store

You can register for the free course online. You can also register for one-on-one learning sessions or make an appointment at the Genius Bar (at your local Apple store) to get help with specific questions or problems you are having using iTunes or your Apple devices.

If you do not want to visit your local store for an in-person workshop or if you do not have an Apple store near you, then you can also use online learning programs. For example, you can visit find out how on the Apple website. This resource offers videos on how to download and install iTunes, explore your iTunes library, import CD’s, create playlists, and sync to your iPod. You can watch the videos and work through the lessons step-by-step until you understand all of the iTunes features.

iTunes Educational Programs

Once you have mastered iTunes, you may want to expand your knowledge by downloading programs that will allow you to learn new and interesting information. Apple offers educational apps, here are some of the favorite ones, that teach a variety of subjects, from how to use computers to learning a new language or philosophy to mastering skills in mathematics and science.

One of the most comprehensive learning programs on iTunes is The Open University. This site offers detailed directions on how to use The Open University in iTunes and a long list of subjects that the program can help you learn.

The topics you can learn in the Open University on iTunes U are divided into categories such as arts and humanities, education, business and management, computing, and child-friendly lessons. There is something for everyone in iTunes University. You are sure to find ways to engage your mind.

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