Innovations for Your Home


Innovation: Home

We spend a great deal of time in our home, so it is only natural that we continue to improve the place we rest, recharge and celebrate. New ideas and products in home improvement save us time and money and make our house a more comfortable place to be.

While some trends come and go, certain changes to the industry are here to stay, especially as the world moves forward with eco-friendly initiatives. Much of what was once standard when building a home has been re-imagined to meet the demands of the modern techies who inhabit homes in the 21st century.

  • Smart Furniture

Modern furniture is becoming a solution for our everyday problems. A sofa can convert to a bed and a desk can include an intricate track system to eliminate the tangle of wire hanging at your feet.

If you are buying a sofa the biggest question to ask is no longer “what color?” Couches come in many different styles, and you can purchase one that converts to a full size bed. It offers the functionally of a couch by day, but can help keep a guest in your home comfortable by night.

This modern desk, known as the “circuit DESK,” comes with a track system to hide your wires. All of your electronics can be connected to the desk itself. When you are done for the day, a flip of the switch will turn the whole desk off, powering down all of the electronics that are connected to it.

  • Electrochromic Windows

Hanging curtains is a household task that is sure to pit even the most peaceful couples against each other. Holes in the wall, ladders and fancy fabric are a troublesome combination. Privacy glass, a technology that has been around for some time, is a natural (and scientific) solution.

Privacy glass turns a door or window from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch. It can be used for bathroom doors, conference rooms, bedrooms, and front entrance ways, but using privacy glass in the windows of residential homes is an upcoming trend.

This technology has the potential to save money and energy, as it naturally repels heat, keeping a room cool, and eliminates the need for curtains and blinds. As the movement to be more eco-friendly grows, so does the presence of electrochromic windows.

  • Electrical Outlets

Standard in every construction project, the electrical outlet could possibly be the most commonly used thing in your home. The people of our century have redefined the standard outlet, making it user-friendly with new software needs.

You can recess outlets, hide them, make them compatible with your Apple devices and operate them on a switch. Electrical outlets also come with a variety of attachments. You can add something to hold your mobile device or organize extra wires or cords.

Building a house is not so standard anymore. There are enough options to make your head spin, but all of them offer a solution to a common problem. The only thing you can count on to always remain part of the building and design process is innovation.

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