How to Set-Up a Hobby Room

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The Basic Elements of a Hobby Room

A designated area in the home or garage for adults to enjoy their hobbies is gaining popularity. The “man cave” has long been a traditional place in the home, usually the garage, where husbands and fathers can retreat for a break.

Recently the notion of “she sheds” has sprouted, giving women a designated area to enjoy leisure tasks. Elements from the “man cave” and “she shed” can be used in your hobby room to maximize and organize the space while providing a break from the noise of everyday life.

Below are five tips for setting up your hobby room:

  1. Focus on Organization

Hobbies require many materials. When designing your room make a list of your needed supplies such as buttons, tools, ribbon, paint, screws, etc. Then brainstorm the most effective way to store those materials. Examples include:

  1. Maximize the Space

You can maximize the space in your hobby room by ensuring that every wall has a purpose. It is relatively simple to create wall units, add shelves, and create roof storage.

  1. Consider Utilities

If your hobby requires a fair use of water or frequently creates a mess, consider adding a sink to your designated workplace. This addition can be costly so determine if it is worth the expense by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is what I am cleaning dirty?
  • Can I move the items that need to be washed to the closest bathroom without creating a mess?
  • Are there alternative ways to get water to the room?

Depending on how you set up your room, you may need an electrical outlet in the middle of the room for desk placement. Alternatively, you may need additional outlets for your tools.

  1. Create a Dual Purpose

Taking advantage of unused spaces is wise. If you are the only person benefiting from your hobby room consider adding a pullout couch, futon or trundle bed. You will likely enjoy the soft place to rest and the extra bed allows the room to serve as guest quarters when needed.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

An essential component of productivity is a clean working environment. Well-placed shelves, bookcases, desks and drawers can help you organize the tools and accessories your hobby requires. Keep your work surfaces clear of clutter and debris to maintain a healthy working environment.

Enjoy Your Space

Our hobbies should make us feel relaxed and productive. Renovation is often stressful so be sure to enjoy the process of creating your hobby room by recalling the reason for the madness: a place for you to unwind while doing your favorite activities.

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