The Right Way to Pack a Suitcase


How to Pack a Suitcase

While traveling can be great fun, packing a suitcase is generally not something most people enjoy doing. You want to be sure that you pack everything you will need, when you arrive at your destination. You also want everything to be packed well, so that nothing breaks, spills or damages along the way. You can mix and match methods, such as the rolling method, the stacking method and the folding method, to find the one that suits you. Accomplishing all of these goals is easy if you just plan ahead and are smart about the packing process.

Steps to Packing a Suitcase

In order to pack your suitcase successfully for your next trip, follow these tips.

1.  Look at the weather forecast for your destination. This can give you some clues on what you need to bring. If the weather forecast projects cold weather, bring a sweater. If you will be going somewhere where rain is likely, pack your umbrella or a raincoat.

2.  Make a list. Rather than walking around throwing items into a suitcase as you find them, you should have a list of what needs to be packed and get everything together and ready to go into the suitcase at the same time.

3.  Roll or fold your clothingRolling can take much less space than folding your clothes, so this may be an option for you if you need to cram a lot into your suitcase.

4.  Pack heavy or larger items at the bottom. This will make it easier for you to find items inside of your suitcase without necessarily unpacking the entire thing.

5.  Use folded t-shirts to organize the suitcase. You can use folded t-shirts to separate the different items in your suitcase such as pajamas and formal clothing. That way, everything will be in sections and you will know right where everything is.

6.  Put formal items on the top of the suitcase. This reduces the chances of these items becoming wrinkled. In addition, you can easily get these items out and hang them up as soon as you reach your destination.

7.  Use clothes to cushion breakables. If you are bringing any fragile items with you, put those items in the center of the suitcase and make use of clothing in order to cushion the breakable items.

8.  Put your shoes into a plastic bag. This way, if the shoes are dirty, they will not get clothing and other items in the suitcase dirty.

9.  Pack underwear and socks last. Maximize space by using these items to fill in small nooks and gaps in the other clothing that you have put into your suitcase.

10.  Put toiletries into a plastic bag and/or a separate compartment. This way, you do not have to worry about these items spilling out into the rest of your suitcase.

11.  Keep pills and expensive electronics with you. If you are bringing medication, a laptop, a phone and other expensive electronics, these items should go with you in your carry-on and not in your suitcase. That way, if your bags get lost, you will not be out without money or electronics. More importantly, you will have your medication and essential items with you at your destination.

Packing a suitcase doesn’t have to be a hassle if you use your checklist. Don’t wait until the last minute, which most people do and then forget to pack something important. Pack lightly, but efficiently. Forget about the wrinkles. A few wrinkles never hurt anything. Pack a travel iron or just hang clothes over the tub and steam your clothes. If you have tried all of these tips on packing a suitcase, and it is still a hassle, just don’t pack and buy what you need when you arrive at your destination. Bon voyage!

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