Hair Growth Products: Legitimate or Not?


About Hair Growth Products and Their Promises

Hair growth products appeal to many women who want their hair to grow longer or faster. Men who are losing their hair (male pattern baldness) want a product that encourages hair growth in order to treat baldness. Rogain Foam is the # 1 hair growth product and has been approved by the FDA. It is a no hassle, no mess product and is guaranteed to produce new hair in around four months. When you are considering hair growth products, you should research all of your options (like anything).

Are Hair Growth Products Worth the Money?

On average, natural hair growth occurs at around one quarter to one half inch each month. Those who experience baldness often have a condition called androgenic alopecia, which interferes with hair growth as a result of the androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles. Hereditary and genes play a part in thinning hair in women.

Because hair loss is controlled by your body, there is no simple way to encourage or speed up hair growth when it is not happening naturally. Since experts agree that there is no scientific way to accelerate hair growth, most of hair growth products on the market today are scams. However, new breakthroughs are continually being made. For example, ABC News reports that some individuals experiencing hair loss have been successfully treated with stem cell therapy.

As research into the use of stem cells continues, these treatments may become more widespread. Currently stem cell treatments for hair loss are available on a very limited basis, and the cost of these therapies is high. However, further advancements may make it possible for people to benefit from hair growth at a more reasonable cost.

Encouraging Healthy Hair Growth

While no product on the market can make your hair grow any faster than it does naturally, you can take action to encourage healthy hair growth. Your diet, for example, plays a role in hair growth. Avoid crash diets or an unbalanced diet, as poor nutrition can slow the growth of hair.

Taking both vitamin B and vitamin C may promote healthy hair growth. Eating plenty of proteins can help improve the health and strength of your hair.

Options for Achieving Longer Hair

Those who wish to see longer hair faster may wish to explore hair extensions. Hair extensions can be added at a beauty salon and make your hair appear longer. The extensions are made with artificial or real hair. There are two methods of hair extension fusions.

1.   Cold Fusion: Preferable for thinning hair and can last for 6 months.

2.   Hot Fusion: This method uses heat and glue to bond to the hair.

Consult a trained professional before deciding which of these procedures is best for you. You can damage your hair if it is not properly attached, so it is important to leave the beauty work to the trained professionals. Real hair extensions cost more (about $250.00 to $1,500.00), but generally look and feel more natural.

If you desire hair extensions, shop around as costs can vary. Be sure to choose a qualified salon to achieve a natural result.

Do Your Homework and Consult a Professional

There are so many hair growth products on the market that it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. Gauging whether the product really works is difficult too. Consult your beautician, who knows your hair and usually has a selection of good hair products to recommend, or speak with a dermatologist if you are experiencing problems with hair loss.

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