A Guide for Parents About a Technology Driven Curriculum

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What Does your Child Need In the Classroom?

Technology is playing a stronger role in our classrooms. A decade ago computers were one of many “center rotations” for small children, movies were a treat and photographs were used as the visuals. Today, students can utilize live streaming, videos, real-time chat, laptops, tablets and smart phones to aid their educational experience.

As your child progresses through school the following tools will assist your child his or her education and, generally make learning less stressful:

  1. Internet Access

The single most important tool your child will need to succeed in school, from a young age through college, is access to a steady Internet connection. When connected to the Internet, the educational possibilities are endless. In order to complete many homework assignments, including research papers and science projects, the Internet is arguably the most useful tool. For younger children, connecting to educational programs such as K5 Learning can help advance their cognitive development.

  1. A Device with a Keyboard

The smartphones we carry in our pockets are mini computers. They can do just about any task that a laptop or desktop computer can. However, the one thing they don’t have is a keyword. Students studying at higher education levels will need to type, erase, re-type, highlight, bold and underline. In order to do this they need a device that has a keyboard and a mouse. Check out the top computers for students in 2015.

  1. Microsoft Software

The Microsoft Suite is the most popular word processer program. You can purchase the package, which grants you access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – all critical programs for the modern-day student and professional.

  1. Headphones

When computers are being used in the classroom, students use headphones to focus on what is in front of them. At an older age, headphones are often used to drown out distracting noise. You can choose from a variety of types, but make sure your son or daughter has a way to focus on their computer work.

  1. Storage

It can be argued that losing your material to a computer disaster while working under a deadline is a rite of passage. There is no shortage of computer horror stories, which is why you should ensure every computer and laptop in the house: (1) has enough storage; and (2) is set to backup regularly. Regardless of your age, “the computer crashed” is about as valid an excuse as “the dog ate my homework.”

Embracing Technology at School

Select schools may be slow to implement new technologies in the classroom, but rest-assured advanced technology is the way of the future. The resources of an Internet connection are too great to take away from students. Welcoming technology into the classroom can help prepare students for careers, engage all learning styles, encourage collaboration, prep for a real-world job, create excitement and provide live, up-to-date information.

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