Character and Integrity: Do They Matter in the Workplace?

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Truth: The Pillar of Integrity

Character and integrity are part of what makes us human, and from the perspective of both an employee and an employer, they matter greatly in the workplace. Employees enjoy working for supervisors who treat them fairly and an employer knows the best type of person they can hire is one who is fair and honest.

Trust is the main pillar of character and integrity. Consider the role an honest person plays in the following occupations:

  • Sales – An honest employee will report issues he or she sees with the numbers, even if it means getting a co-worker in trouble or losing a commission.
  • Legal – A lawyer who exhibits great character will not inflate his or her time in order to charge clients more money. Lawyers must exhibit integrity and honesty in order to be granted a license to practice law.
  • Design – Designers with integrity will advise clients when the decisions they are making are against best practices instead of just blindly following client instructions.
  • Law Enforcement –Without integrity, law enforcement officials would make uneducated and unsupported assumptions and unlawfully gather evidence.
  • Media – An honest writer values his or her work and therefore will never plagiarize or fudge sources.
  • Medical Professionals – Often working with people during the lowest moment of their life, a doctor of strong character will take time he or she doesn’t have to explain a situation to a patient or the patient’s family.

Building Character at Work

In the workplace you want to be someone you would enjoy working with. Below are easy ways you can exhibit strong character at work:

  • Stick to a routine – Maintaining a routine shows timeliness and a respect for other’s schedules.
  • Learn from others – Take notice of the habits of people around you and let them know when they have taught you something, or shared with you something valuable.
  • Celebrate individuality – Remembering birthdays and special occasion’s shows you care about the people around you.
  • Take care in your appearance – You have to look respectful to receive respect. Wear proper attire and take pride in the way you look when you arrive for work.
  • Challenge yourself – Others will notice when you take on additional work. Not only will they appreciate the help, but your extra effort will be hard to forget when a new position or opportunity for advancement opens up.
  • Work in teams – Brainstorming, collaborating and negotiating with your colleagues shows you are patient, team-oriented and disciplined.

Your name is your most powerful tool and once it is gone it is very difficult to get it back. The fastest way to tarnish your reputation is to exhibit dishonesty, unfairness and deceit.

Proverbs 22:1 states, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” Your name should be protected because it is your life’s artwork. One surefire way to protect your reputation is to maintain the values of integrity and character not only at work, but in all aspects of your life.

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