Latest Trends in the Beauty Industry


Innovation: Beauty

The latest trends in the beauty industry are always changing. Like any major industry, new inventions, breakthroughs in science and advances in technology create a marketplace that is difficult to keep pace with. Trends come and go as often as the seasons and with so many leading developers, the millions of products available to the average consumer can be overwhelming.

The last few years have resulted in many interesting developments in the world of make-up, wrinkle products and shampoo. In case you missed out, below are several of these unique beauty innovations.

  • Reinventing Mascara

Avon, a leading global beauty company with more than $10 billion in annual revenue, recently revealed a new take on the application of mascara, claiming 24-hour volume that creates darker and more dramatic lashes.

Traditionally, mascara is applied with a wand that is stored in a tube full of liquid or cream. Avon’s new model, Mega Effects Mascara, looks like a soft brush for your eyelashes. The design allows for more control when applying the make-up.

The unique model entices mascara users worldwide who have smudged and smeared the jet black liquid to their eyelids … after applying eye shadow.

  • Stem Cells and Wrinkles

A stem cell is a clone or reproduction of any of the body’s cells. BioLogic recently took this science and applied it to the beauty industry. Stem Cell Therapy by BioLogic is a cream that uses your own stem cells to restore “a wrinkle-free look of youth.” The product claims to increase the production of new skin cells, creating visibly less wrinkles on your face in as little as 30 days.

Other companies promise similar miracle results. Fibrocell Science Inc. offers an injectable wrinkle treatment, Azficel-T, that uses your stem cells to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity of the skin. The injection, causally known as LAVIV, is approved by the Federal Drug Association.

  • Beauty Vending Machines

It works like a soda machine, but what comes out it better than a Pepsi. Utique Inc. has created vending machines for luxury beauty products (they use them for electronics too).

The machines are appealing to department stores because they generate up to 10 times more revenue per square foot (after all, vending machines don’t take up much room). The machines were developed to house products from luxury and popular beauty retailers.

In the summer of 2013, AVT, an industry leader in vending machines, entered into a ten-year contract with Utique to bring the vertically integrated solutions to stores near you. You can find the beauty vending machines up and running in various popular airports.

  • Subscription Boxes

Keeping up with the new trends in the beauty world is a full-time job. Luckily, subscription box companies like BirchBox exist to bring the latest and greatest right to your door. Developed in 2010, BirchBox works like a magazine subscription. Every month a box of beauty samples appear at your doorstep. Their website acts like a marketplace. If you fall in love with a product, you can easily purchase it online.

In a society dictated by beautiful things—cars, people, homes—we can continue to expect big things from an industry that serves billions of people daily.

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